Our Training






We are authorized to provide training for which we offer modules: industrial EMC, lightning and overvoltage, harmonics in LV & HV networks.

The trainer is a field worker, industrial electrical engineer, EMC expert.

The contents

Concrete and practical, the minimum of mathematical formulas

Address current industry concerns

Address regulatory aspects

Gives rules and practical solutions adapted to the industry

Tackles technological and regulatory developments

Adaptable (tailor-made) according to specific needs

The form, the means

Friendly and simple presentation, constant relations with industry

Feedback, exercises on cases encountered in expertise

Manipulations on test benches according to the type of module

Response to problems brought up by trainees

Assessment of acquired knowledge by simple questions

Summary booklet given to everyone


Interlocutors concerned

Electrical and maintenance engineers and technicians

Engineers and technicians of the new works and engineering services

Manufacturers and integrators

Installers and cablers

CHSCT and occupational medicine for module N° 5