Our Skills

Our Expertise and measurements in the field

Our independent Expertise in the field

Our commitment : Solve your problems…

  • of disturbances, interference and electromagnetic noise,
  • of commutation and fast transient in High and Low voltage,
  • of your variable speed drives (in DC, asynchronous, brushless…)
  • of your electrical network (overvoltage, micro cuts, harmonics…)
  • of your ground and earth network including insulation faults and breakdowns
  • of your data networks (RD232, RS485, Ethernet…)
  • of your communication networks (CAN, ProfiBus, ModBus, DeviceNet…)
  • of lightning (site study, inner and outer protections)
  • of static electricity (electrostatic discharge)
  • of corrosion, bearing erosion and vibration
  • of electromagnetic waves up to 26 GHz
  • of radio cover and transmission (GSM, UMTS, WiFi, WiMax, SRD…)
  • of instrumentation systems, GTC, lightning, video…
  • of electromagnetic induction, wave ovens, High Frequency welders…
  • of electromagnetic shielding (study and tests)


Field measurements

As experts on the field we are regularly using specialized measurement devices allowing us to analyse the following problems:

  • EMC in duct and radiated (portable oscilloscope, HF clamps, spectrum analyser, antennas, disturbance generators, etc.)
  • electrical networks (analyser-recorder, earth measurement)

in HVA (broadband HV probes, fast transient captures, measurement of partial discharges, tanо̄, search for faults on cables)data networks (induced common mode measurements, reflectometry)

  • HF (spectral analysis, regulatory measurements, exposure of people, HQE)
  • material tests (equipotentiality, insulation)

All of our measuring devices are portable so that they can be easily operated, both in France and abroad.


Our analytical and measurement capabilities


  • CYME, ETAP, POWER-FACTORY, CANECO, EMTP electrical network modelling and simulation software
  • Oscilloscopes with probes and clamp (DC-200 MHz)
  • Large memory depth oscilloscope for transient analysis
  • Earth and equipotentiality measurements
  • Analyzer-recorder of all parameters of a LV network
  • Voltage and current probes for high voltage networks (HTA)
  • Fault finding and insulation measurements (IP, tandelta)
  • Measurement and analysis of partial discharges
  • Data network parameters analyser up to 350 MHz
  • Electromagnetic field measurements from 0 Hz to 26 GHz
  • Conductive and radiated spectral analysis (0 Hz to 7.1 GHz)
  • Transient disturbance simulators (according to IEC 61000-4-4)


Study of HV and LV netowrks

By modelling (creation of an interactive diagram of all the elements from the HV delivery point)

By simulations (that is to say, consider all the scenarios and quantify the consequences)

By measures (to validate the model against reality)


  • Balance of powers
  • Balance of harmonics
  • Dynamic stability assessment

Suggested solutions:

  • Improved wiring
  • Verification of protections
  • Reactive compensation
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Optimization of consumption

Validation of solutions:

  • Introduction to the model
  • Simulations for quantification and validation
  • Specifications required (specifications for consultations)
  • Implementation specifications


Study and modelling of electrical networks

  • From HVB to VLV, via HVA and LV
  •  With CYME 7, ETAP, POWER-FACTORY, EMTP and CANECO software
  • At the design stage, on project or on actual installation
  • Interactive diagram showing all the elements of the networks
  • Modelling of all types of generators, loads, cables…
  • Possible validation of the model by measurements
  • Simulation of all situations to assess solutions

We can offer the following studies:

  • Balance of current and forecast powers
  •  Study of reactive compensations
  • Harmonic inventory with calculation and validation of filters
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents at all points (IEC & ANSI)
  • Study of selectivities in HV with simulation of faults
  • Dynamic stability study, calculation and simulation of solutions
  • Study and simulation of transient phenomena


Study of earth networks

HV substations (fault currents, touch and step voltages, etc.)

Complete site (fault current, lightning, equipotentiality)

In compliance with IEC, BS and IEEE standards


Hight Quality Environmental standart (HQE)

The “Limitation of electromagnetic exposure” section is concerned with low frequency EM fields linked to electrical energy sources (50 Hz) and high frequency EM fields linked to radio & television, telecommunications and other systems sources. using high frequencies.

The measurement procedures and regulatory texts setting the critical thresholds are given in the appendix.

The study we are proposing has two stages, and for each of them there are three phases:

– Step 1: Before construction

  • Phase 1: Qualitative study (identification of sources)
  • Phase 2: Quantitative study (measurements and estimation of EMC levels)
  • Phase 3: Summary and recommendations with detailed report

– Step 2: After construction

  • Phase 1: Qualitative study (update of the qualitative pre-construction study)
  • Phase 2: Quantitative study (measurements and estimation of EMC levels)
  • Phase 3: Summary and recommendations with detailed report